Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Master and i spoke at length about our personal beliefs today. It seems as if my journey through my servitude only binds me closer with my own faith and beliefs. i don't know if it's because this is very much a way of life for me, or if it's because Master is so understanding and accepting of my personal beliefs.

He's asked me to formally write out what i believe, as far as the soul, the world, and a master plan for it all could mean. i shall do that, but i'm not sure yet if i will make it available for the public. i know that i'm coming to grips with the fact that it could be seen as a pretty insane belief, but it's truth to me. The last thing i need is ridicule for something i'm just starting to feel sane for believing in.

i honestly never expected my journey to lead me down a path of spirituality, but i'm certainly glad it has. It's helped answer so many of my own questions about myself and helped me feel more alive and like i fit better inside my own skin.


Lowri said...

For me, I am finding it good to link up the different bits of myself that I used to think I had to keep separate.

I don't have a master to tell this too. Sometimes I think it would be good to have one. Sometimes not. I am quite submissive but I don't always find it easy being obedient.

Lilikka said...

i think the linking up of all the separate bits is a good thing as well. And although you don't have a Master to tell this to, it can be nice to discuss it with anyone, really.

And obedience isn't something that's easy to come by. i wasn't always obedient in the beginning (and there are times when i'm still not), but there's something about wanting to please Master that excites the submissive in me.

Lowri said...

Yes it's nice to have someone to tell it to, even on here which is why I started the blog really.

Maybe I'l find someone I can be submissive with in a way that works for me. Most men I've met are either really nice but not at all dominant, or just aggressive arseholes. There must be something inbetween, musn't there?

Lilikka said...

Oh, absolutely. my own Master isn't an aggressive asshole, but he certainly can assert his Dominance when it comes down to it. Good luck with your searching!