Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sick again

i seem to be getting sick a lot lately. Not quite sure why. But i feel extremely nauseated and just... bleh. Master and i haven't quite finished our nightly Supernatural viewing (last episode of season 3 about to start), but i'm not sure how much further past it i'll be able to go. Generally, he likes to play a bit before going to bed.

i don't like to complain, especially about Master's desires. But i really am not sure if i'm up for it tonight. And that feels like such a weakness admitting that. i hate admitting my weaknesses. Especially when it comes to my servitude to Master. But i have to in this case. i'm just not sure how Master will react.

But until then, i'm going to cuddle up and finish this episode until Master tells me to do otherwise.

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