Saturday, April 25, 2009

Master takes the pain away

Today wasn't an easy day for me. It hasn't been an easy month, really. But i truly treasure my time with Master at the end of the day. Even when i'm at my lowest, he knows how to pick me back up.

Lately, Master has been trying out different forms of degradation with me. He's taken to calling me either "cunt" or "slut." i have to say, it's quite a turn on, really. i don't mind having him tell me of my place and making me feel it. i mean, i'm sure to a regular person, these kinds of things would be grave insults, but coming from him, it's better than being called any silly pet name.

i would love to see what would happen if he were to call me that in public. i imagine the looks on the faces in the crowd would be quite humorous to me.

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