Saturday, April 18, 2009


i'm not sure i've mentioned it before, but i've got an aspiration to model. Nothing like runway or anything big like that. Just fetish modeling. i've got a great body for a BBW. Plus, i like to be in front of the camera. It turns me on and i just have a lot of fun getting my picture taken.

It turns out that i've had previous experience with modeling. When i was a child, i was in the JC Penney catalogue for two years in a row. i had never known that before today, when i brought up my aspirations to my mother. She was surprisingly cool about it, but then again, my mother usually is.

But at the mention of myself as a child, Master has me pulling out old photos to show him. He had never really seen any before this. i had even shown him my terribly ugly pictures, which i am truly embarrassed about. Luckily, i do have a few cute ones, which is the image to the left up there. i was probably about 2 or 3. About the time i started modeling. It's interesting to see how i've come full circle.

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