Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mission accomplished

Last night was just one of those nights. My mother got me in a funk and Master couldn't do anything to get it out of me. i hate that i get that way.

On a positive note, i wrote that essay Master wanted about my beliefs and faith. He enjoyed it. Still on the fence about sharing it with the world, though. It seems more like a bad fiction than a belief system, but it's mine and i embrace it. i just hope that, if i do choose to share it, others will accept that, to me, these beliefs are real. i don't ask anyone to understand them, just acceptance in what i believe.

It feels good to have gotten a serious task done for Master. Sure, i do my everyday tasks, but nothing has been assigned to me that had this importance to it before. i'm glad i was able to accomplish it before too long. i was really inspired by one of the women in my group today. So i got home and just wrote. It's honestly shorter than i hoped, but it's done. The first piece of real writing i've done in a long while that wasn't a blog entry.

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