Saturday, April 4, 2009

Master and i discovered that i can squirt tonight. It's always been something i've wanted to do, but i've heard many conflicting stories about it: you're either born with it or you're not, you can learn it but some women can't, or every woman can learn it if they put their minds to it. Either way, i can do it. And it was awfully, awfully hot. Even though it meant changing all of the bedding when we were done playing.

But really, it was the strangest sensation but not something i would ever deny in the future. It was pretty amazing and was one of the headiest orgasms i've ever had. My head is still swimming a bit while i type this out, though i suspect that might be also due to the allergy medicine.

i want to keep learning all kinds of new things with Master. i can't believe the person i've become under his command. It's really a wonderful thing and hope that i can keep training.

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