Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's a concept i've been meditating on lately. What is home? It's never felt like a place to me. Life was rough growing up. We moved a lot, so i never really had a house to identify home as. But then i look at Master, who has lived in the same house most (if not all) of his life. The same town. The same people. i wonder what that kind of life would be like.

So if home isn't a place, where is it? To me, it sometimes is this feeling i get, from far away. Not a physical far away, but a spiritual far away. i miss it, but i can go there sometimes, when i calm my mind and ignore the external world. Master's presence helps me arrive there faster, and he's even "there" in spirit.

Then i think about my "home" on the internet. Some place that i can really call my own. This blog is a place for it, but at times, i feel as if i want something more. Maybe after a time, when i'm able to get my own domain and have enough people who will actually read. But i would really like a place to call my own. i'm comfortable enough in my identity as lilikka that i'm ready to take it to a bigger place.

It's things to think about and continue to meditate on. It's exciting and wonderful all at the same time.

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