Saturday, April 11, 2009

Working myself to the bone

i've been working hard for Master all day. The work hasn't been very difficult or even very demanding, just constant. It's been a bit... different for me. It's not that i don't enjoy it, quite the opposite, really. It's just that i never really threw myself wholeheartedly into doing a single thing all day long.

Master has actually ordered me to stop much sooner than the goal i was trying to reach. Which is conflicting to me. i really want to push through, but Master doesn't want my health to be affected by it. And i can understand that. i had a fever earlier for some reason and i don't know why. i let it ride by itself for about an hour before taking anything for it, but still had to take medicine eventually.

So even though i'd rather keep going, i've got a few more to do before i must stop. It's funny how i'm normally so stubborn except when it comes to Master.

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