Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This was something i was just thinking about before i started blogging tonight. i wanted to blog about how much i love degradation and when Master calls me his dirty little slut, but that might have to wait. Karma's a concept i really believe in wholeheartedly. If one does bad things, bad things will eventually happen. Likewise, if one does good things, good things will eventually happen.

Unfortunately for us, we can't choose when it happens. But it would be amazing if we could. i mean, it'd be like saving points up in a bank and when we've gotten enough Karma Points, we could trade them in for a Fabulous Prize (i'm voting for sex toys, but that's just me).

But i think i've been able to cash in on some points lately. Sure, it's nothing as awesome as getting a sex toy out of the deal, but i'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin. And that's probably worth more than a new vibrator. Probably.

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