Friday, April 17, 2009

i am not YOUR property

i am my Master's property. That's how i see myself. But this does not give every random person the right to think he can try and make a move on me. It disgusts me and makes me feel unclean. Master, of course, doesn't put up with it, but when i'm away from Master's physical presence (as we're always together in a spiritual sense), it's difficult to know what to do.

i don't understand why people think that, just because i submit to Master, that i'm a walking doormat or something. Luckily, i know not all people are like that (like the nice gentleman at the store today who complimented me on my child's good manners!), but the few who are certainly ruin it for everyone.

But other than this, things are going much better than yesterday. Master and i spoke and he helped me through my feelings and we were able to connect on a more spiritual level again. i've yet to finish my writings on my beliefs for him, although he's stated no time limit on it. i will try and get it done this weekend, if at all possible.

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