Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What in the world?

i got a strange email today. It was a confirmation for a subscription to a porn site. The only problem was, neither Master nor i ever actually subscribed to it. The email was addressed to someone named Daniel. i don't know anyone named Daniel. This is truly puzzling to me because i have no idea who it is and why would this person buy me a subscription to a porn site?

The problem is, i get really paranoid when things like this happen with no explanation. How did this person get my email address? i mean, i don't exactly hide it, but i don't advertise it, either. Plus, i don't know a Daniel. It just gets so... puzzling.

Master and others have suggested it's some kind of admirer. But if that's the case, why a subscription to a porn site? It's not exactly something i would send to someone i admire. And besides, i'm happily collared and, while flattered, am not interested in a relationship more than a friendship outside of what i have with Master.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. i'm just puzzled by all this.


May said...

Did you actually click through and see that it was legit? Sounds like a spammer to me.

Lilikka said...

i didn't, but Master sure did and he was able to get the person's name and relative location. It sure seemed on the up-and-up.