Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trying to put a positive spin on things

i'm not doing well right now. Not just physically, but mentally. i'm having really bad performance issues and i find myself wondering if it's like when a guy can't get it up. i mean, a succubus that gets nauseated at the thought of sex? What is that?

Master keeps insisting it's not "defective," so i'm trying to change the way i think about it. But honestly, my mind keeps coming back to that word. There's not much i'm good at, and having sex is one of the few things on that list. So if i can't do that, then what is there for me?

i guess it's just something else i'm going to have to meditate on. Might as well do that since it looks like i won't be getting off tonight. Again.


Anonymous said...

I've had that problem before, your not defective, maybe you just need to take a week or two and give yourself a rest, then hop back on the train and you'll be good as new. When i say rest, i don't think no sex, think nothing extreme. My master did that and it helped me a lot. You can get warn out as a slave, the life is not easy.

Lilikka said...

Yes, i think that's what we'll be doing. Master isn't pushing it, as he just wants me to recover. Thank you so much for your insight.