Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily Tasks

Master has a list of daily tasks i must perform each and every day without fail. most of the tasks aren't difficult, just time consuming. journaling like this is one of those tasks, as a matter of fact.

i find that having tasks help me keep my day more organized and i actually do get more accomplished. before Master came up with daily tasks for me, i often got very few things done outside of what i needed to do for my daughter and mother and then what Master would ask of me in the moment. it's really helped out to have an outstanding list of things that i need to take care of everyday.

i often wish that he would task me with more difficult things, in fact. but i know Master wishes to help me move slowly into this lifestyle, so it doesn't completely overwhelm me. and i truly do understand this, as i know Master only looks out for my best interests. i just can't help but feel a bit stifled performing such basic tasks. all in good time, i suppose!

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