Sunday, January 11, 2009


i am not ever truly happy in life unless i'm serving Master. service to others is nice, too, but nothing beats being able to serve Master in all the ways it's required and requested of me. days in which there is nothing for me to do for him make me feel so listless and almost non-existent.

i often wonder if people in vanilla arrangements ever really enjoy how great it feels to serve others. i suppose some people might. after all, not everyone who is a natural submissive is in a bdsm-flavored relationship. but honestly, i think everyone everywhere could learn a lot about serving their fellow man. the feelings it brings are worth everything.

i was feeling so wonderful about serving Master yesterday that i reached a semi-euphoric state. everything felt ethereal and light. the feeling didn't last long, but it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. it's very hard to describe fully unless you've actually been in that kind of state. the only thing i can think to liken it to is being high on drugs, though it's not quite like that, since it's all in the brain chemicals and not outside influences. really quite a wonderful and powerful thing.

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