Thursday, January 15, 2009


i think, at heart, i could be a polyamorous type person. However, i could never be in a polyamorous arrangement because i'm far too jealous and it would break down all sides of the relationship. But sometimes, i really do entertain the thought of Master taking on another submissive. Somewhat "lower" in status than myself, but a submissive nonetheless. And even if things romantically went sour between us, i would hope Master would still keep me on as his pet.

i really don't know how that would work out in reality, but it sounds good on paper (or on a screen, in this case). At the very least, it's an interesting notion to entertain. Although i've never really thought about the reverse of me having two Dominants. i guess it just wouldn't work out that way. it doesn't seem right to me, actually.

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