Monday, January 5, 2009


trust is important in any relationship, but i think it's even more so in a relationship such as what i have with Master. firstly, we're in two different countries at the moment. that's not to say we've never seen each other in real life; we have and have both spent time at the other's house. secondly, i put a lot of my own trust in him with my service to him. i trust implicitly in his direction and instructions, just as i trust him to not hurt my heart.

but on the opposite side, i know he trusts me as well. he trusts me to serve him in the capacity that we have agreed upon. and he also trusts me not to hurt his heart. and it's because of this mutual trust that things are able to work as smoothly as they do. but really, you do have to really trust someone to allow them to tie you up or spank you without any real physical or emotional harm.

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