Monday, January 26, 2009

Submitting to Master

i have to admit that, at least in my mind, my submission to Master started as a joke. He asked if i would be his pet and do what he asked. i agreed, though it was before i really knew what it would all entail. Like i said, i thought it was kind of a joke between two friends who were enamored with each other. i was in a relationship at the time (which ended before Master and i got serious) and was unsatisfied with the way the person i was with treated me, so i thought that at least, even in jest, someone would treat me the way i always desired to be treated.

But while it started out as a joke, i came to realize that Master was someone that i could truly submit to. He cares for my well-being while at the same time gives me the discipline and structure that i need to function. He has more than earned my respect as well as my submission to him.

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