Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i sometimes feel that the scary kind of feminists must sometimes hate me. after all, i'm a submissive female who has consented to being Dominated by a male. i'm "setting women back" by allowing a male to dictate what it is that i'm allowed to do and what i'm not allowed to do. honestly, i just want to pull my hair out in frustration at people who think this.

firstly, i have always firmly believed that feminism is about fighting for women to be equal to men in every sense. many "feminists" i've met who have taken umbrage with my submission to Master feel women should often be superior to men.

secondly, isn't allowing women to choose their own paths the whole point of fighting for women's rights? i choose to be Master's pet. it was not forced upon me, nor is anything else in our relationship. everything that he gives me as a task is well within our agree-upon rules. and there is never any pressure whatsoever. if i am unable to perform a task for a legitimate reason (and by this, i mean more than just "i don't feel like it tonight, Master"), he understands and no further action is taken on his part (i.e. punishments for disobedience).

i think that a lot of people just buy into the mainstream ideology about this lifestyle without bothering to take a look at what it's really all about. unfortunately, that seems to be the truth of most things that people just don't understand.

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Anal Slut said...

Thanks for sharing.

I love that people are different. Yes, let's be ourselves.