Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Master and i have been discussing rules and duties and one of the ones we've come up with is that i am to write about my journey as his pet. it will help keep my mind in the correct mindset as well as help me expel any feelings i have about all of this. i am to write everyday, so i hope i have the support of those who are along for the ride as well.

i started as Master's pet over two years ago now. we've been taking things slowly for my benefit, as this is my first time in this kind of relationship, but not his. he has given me a collar that i deeply cherish. we are as 24/7 as we can be, considering we're in two different countries at the moment, as well as we have a daughter that i take care of full time.

so this journey is likely to be an interesting one. thank you for joining me on it.

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