Monday, January 12, 2009


i wear a lot of masks. there's my mother mask, when i'm taking care of my daughter. then there's my caretaker mask, when i'm doing my job as my mother's caretaker. then, of course, there's my everyday "i'm just like everyone else" mask. that one gets worn the most. i don't think i ever am without that one except with Master.

but, truly, everyone is this way. or so i believe. everyone has their own way of looking at things and their own way of showing others how to perceive them. i know i don't like people to see me as the nymphomaniac submissive succubus that i see myself as. i don't think most people could handle that point of view of me.

Master, however, isn't like most people. he is the only one i've ever showed my true self to and he embraces it. it gives me hope that, maybe some day, i will be able to show others my true self and have it be as well recepted as it is with him.

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