Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Way of Service

Master and i were discussing his way of Dominating after i had shared one of my favorite videos with him this morning. It stars Steve Holmes, who i simply adore for the way he Dominates the submissives in any of the videos he's in. Part of what draws me to him, however, is that he's quite similar in style to Master.

Well, all that has me thinking about my way of service towards Master. As it stands, i'm still learning, so he doesn't require a ton of things from me (though i would often wish he'd ask me for more, but that's another topic). But whatever he asks of me, i'm more than happy to accomplish and work towards immediately, barring things that we've discussed beforehand.

i would like to think i'm in training to be a good pet for Master. One that he can rely on to take care of everything he requires of me. One that he can trust to carry out his word.

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