Sunday, February 1, 2009


Master is, by far, the most supportive individual i've ever met. Lately, i've been thinking of ways to improve myself for the sake of myself as well as Master. And every time i come up with something, he's always right there, telling me that he would like that. It's a wonderful feeling to know that someone supports the changes i'd like to make for myself.

Of course, i know i have a lot to improve. i am not as fit and trimmed as i once was and i would like to change that. Master doesn't make any demands about my weight or fitness levels, but i know it would improve things for us. Better fitness = more stamina, after all.

And then, there's my hidden, secret dream that i am very shy about admitting. Maybe because i'm sure others would laugh. But really, i would love to be a fetish model. i know that there's a least some people out there who don't mind looking at me. And, being the exhibitionist that i am, just the idea of someone taking pictures is a big turn-on for me. Particularly if i'm engaged in one of my fetishes of choice.

But Master just smiles and says that he knows i could do it. He doesn't laugh as others might. And that feels really good.

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