Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Types of Discipline

Master has asked me to write about the types of discipline i'd most like. This is kind of a difficult question because discipline isn't supposed to be liked. It's to correct a behavior that's not quite right, at least within the confines of our agreement. If one were to like being disciplined, it would truly destroy the point of being a submissive. If one cannot, or will not, correct their behavior to match what their Dom desires, then there's really no point to it.

This is, of course, assuming he meant "real" discipline and not just play discipline, which is another matter entirely. Play discipline wise, i'm a total pain slut. i don't feel like it's been a good scene unless there's bruises left behind. Bites in particular are nice, either on the thighs or shoulders especially. i've never been flogged, but it seems like an experience i would enjoy.

This really hasn't turned out at all like i was hoping and probably not at all like Master was expecting :S

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