Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Needs. My Wants.

i have been thinking of these lately. The things i need and the things i want. And i've come to the conclusion about one thing: i haven't been allowing myself to express or even acknowledge the things i need in life.

Of course, i don't mean things like water, shelter, and food. i'm talking about things that make me feel content and happy at my core being. And really, it's very important to, at the very least, recognize ones own needs and desires.

One of the needs i have that i never acknowledged before today is my need to be admired. i don't know why i have this need, but i feel it burning in my gut. If i don't feel admired by many, i feel moody and unhappy. And that's not to say that Master doesn't admire me. Just that i feel i need more eyes on me in a positive way.

Another need i have is to feel dominated. i cannot survive without having someone's guiding words, preferably Master's. This mostly goes hand-in-hand with me not being able to make choices well (as i talked about in an earlier post). But this is a need that is easily met.

i suppose that someday i shall have to create a complete list of all my needs and wants for Master to peruse. This is probably too public a place to put it, however.

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