Saturday, February 21, 2009


i don't understand people who feel the need to bully others into giving them their way, especially in a relationship. Relationships, whether romantic, friendly, or whatever, should all be built around trust and equality. Master and i are both equals, despite the fact that we have different roles to play in our relationship.

But when people have to bully their significant other into doing the things they want, it rubs me the wrong way, even though it's not my relationship. All i can think about is what the person being bullied is feeling. Maybe it's because i was bullied by so many people before Master came along. i don't think it's healthy at all for the relationship and, in the end, everyone is left with bitter feelings.

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Tiggs said...

This is so true... and indeed, many so called "Doms," prey on submissive women in this evil way. Bullying is all about the guy making himself feel better about himself by making everyone around him feel like less of a person.

But true dominance is all together a different creature. It is about a naturally dominant person who already knows and likes himself just fine and feels comfortable in his own skin doing what he can to encourage and promote and foster his mate's natural personality and needs. It's all about the submissive in this case.

Very good post, sweetie!

Big hugs!