Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fuck if this turned out like i wanted it

i am not a people-person. i don't like socializing. i don't like being around large crowds. i don't even like being around SMALL crowds. So it's very difficult for me to actually want to become close to someone.

Master was different. When we first met, i felt drawn to him. i can't explain the initial attraction, honestly. There was just something magnetic that drew me into him that i just couldn't resist. Even now, i can't really explain what it is. It could be his dominating presence, but i'm not attracted to most people who display that kind of presence.

i don't know. i can't explain anything and i'm starting to think this whole blog is just a waste of space. i don't feel as if i can really get everything out because my thoughts are always so scrambled and just. i don't know. Master wants to know my thoughts, but it's difficult because they're always so out of place and i don't even know why the reasons i do things.

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Tiggs said...

Give it time, sweetie! This is YOUR space, to write what you want or post pics that you want, to say whatever is in your head or comes to mind. And you really, truly aren't alone out here. There are people who care... really!

Big hugs!