Friday, February 13, 2009


My emotions are a big part of who i am. i've often been accused of wearing my heart on my sleeve, and it's true. The problem is that i sometimes feel that my emotions are more in control of me than the other way around. When i'm in a bad mood, it tends to permeate everything i do. But the reverse is also true: when i'm in a good mood, everything around me brightens up.

But i've found that my emotions tend to play a big role on my lifestyle, especially when i'm down. i tend to throw myself into everything i do to an even greater degree when i'm upset. i sometimes use it as a bit of an escape from my crazed headspace. If i can concentrate better on the tasks Master has given me, it makes me feel good about myself and clears up my bad moods.

Take tonight, for example. i was feeling completely defeated over certain other aspects of my life. But Master, knowing exactly what to do, became a bit more commanding with me. The tone of his voice was sterner, but still loving. And it made me want to do my best and do everything he asked of me. And, because i did, i feel much better than i did before.

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