Saturday, February 28, 2009


i love sex. Not just as an activity, but also as a topic of discussion. Out of all the non-fiction books i own, 90% of them deal with the topic of sex (and out of my fiction books, 75% of them mention an act of sex somewhere in the pages!). To me, it's something that i find utterly fascinating and engaging.

Lately, i've been really getting into reading a lot of sex-related blogs. i love it. As silly as it is, i never really realized just how many interesting blogs on the subject there are! And something even sillier: i live so close to San Francisco, and i don't even utilize that fact! Many of the blogs i've been reading have their authors living so close to the city. i think it's really wonderful.

i really want to try and just... i don't know. Embrace that side of me a lot more than i have been.

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