Monday, February 16, 2009


i often compare myself to other people, particularly in the physical department. i feel that i am lacking in a lot of ways: my breasts aren't as bit as i think i'd like them, my stomach is a bit pudgy, i've got cellulite on my ass. The list could go on. i'm sure there are a million other women out there who are far more attractive than me.

And don't get me started on my mental stability.

i know it's only human nature to compare oneself to an impossible ideal. i think that if every person thought that they were ideal, the human race would end up extinct. Humans need things to strive for, goals to be met. If every person were truly happy, then the world would simply end.

i know that it may not be the healthiest thing to compare myself to others, but it gives me something to work towards. i would like to model some day and, although i've not got quite the best body for it, i know that if i keep pushing myself further, i will eventually make it as far as i want to go.

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Sub Sweet said...

I think women just naturally compare themselves and beat on ourselves for one physical flaw after another.

I'm a pro at it. From breasts I think are far too small, to a pouch in the belly, to an ass that could be much more shapely.

The Man just keeps reinforcing the fact that he loves all the curves, that and telling me one day to stop beating myself up over something that was all in my own head. I finally realized that I do have a body I can be proud of.
We all do, no matter what our shape, size or physical flaw.

We don't come equipped with an air brush, and we as a gender need to stop thinking we need one.