Thursday, February 12, 2009


Sometimes, i think Master is just too good to me. He excused one of my regular tasks for the day because of how exhausted and frustrated i am. i have been coming down with something or allergies and have just been wiped out. So instead of hearing me insist about it, he firmly told me to drop the task, blog, then just relax and enjoy myself.

It's kind of strange to think about it. i'm being told that i have to relax tonight instead of doing his tasks. But then relaxing, in and of itself, becomes a task. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. i read a quote today that was something along the lines of "submission is about being of use, not about being used." And i know that, by relaxing, i really am being of use to Master, since, when i'm relaxed, i'm happier and calmer. And that, in turn, makes Master happy and calm.

Master knows a lot about things that i can't even begin to understand. i guess that's why i chose him as my Master, because i have so much to learn from him.

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