Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i often have a problem keeping my attention on things. Especially if those things are very repetitive. My mind wanders and i just... get bored, i suppose. Even writing in this blog becomes difficult to focus on if i can't find a topic i'm really interested in or if i'm just struggling to say what i'm trying to.

However, this is part of what Master has asked me to do. So i strive my best to do it. To me, that's the easiest way to maintain my focus on something. If it's something Master's asked me to do, unless i have a damn good reason (something beyond "i'm bored!"), i don't have a choice in it. At least, not really. That's part of the agreement between us.

It really is a help when it's Master asking me to do to something repetitive versus someone else doing it. i don't think i would be able to focus and even finish tasks like i can when it's Master asking me to do them.

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