Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reaching Out

i did something uncharacteristically bold of me today. i sent an IM to a friend that i hadn't spoken to in a number of months. We had had a falling out over my lifestyle choices (well, it was more her husband had a problem with it, not so much her), but i would really like to still be friends. Master thinks it's a good thing i did and he says it will probably turn out positively.

My biggest fear, though, is that i've let too much time pass between now and when we stopped talking. i should probably addressed what had happened, but instead i just let it drop. But now that i'm a bit further in both my training as well as a bit more mentally stable, i feel i'm ready to talk to her again.

Part of the problem i have is that i tend to isolate myself, even from Master. i am working on it, though it's with great difficulty. But i know that if i can just push through the difficulties, i'll feel better in the end. And hopefully will have my friends back.

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