Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pet's Day Out

So in a kind of reversal of the other night, it was my turn to spend some time out of the house and away from Master. January is a busy month for birthdays for my family, with three generations of us (my grandma, my mother and myself) all having birthdays within 10 days of each other. It's just easier to have one party for all three of us, so that's where i was going today.

It was strange being among my family. i have never really fit in among them, especially in my adult life. There's no acceptance of my submission among them (those that know about it, anyway), so there's that barrier. Also, because Master isn't physically here where i'm living at the moment, he wasn't able to be with me to bear the brunt of the un-pleasantries.

Honestly, i dislike spending a significant time away from Master, whatever the form of that time away may take. Especially being among people who don't appreciate me for myself. It makes me wonder for a world that is so tolerant towards non-consensual violence and pain, yet looks down on people who willingly embrace a darker side of relationships.

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