Sunday, March 15, 2009


i'm learning to accept myself as part of my journey with Master. He is the most accepting person i've ever met. Even with some of my stranger quirks and beliefs, he supports me and stands by them, even if they're beliefs he may or may not believe in himself!

One thing that Master has strictly forbidden is negative self-talk. i'm not allowed to say negative things about myself, because it's insulting Master's property and he won't have anyone insulting his possessions. And it helps me with my own issues. Part of my problem is a lot of negativity that i thrust upon myself, but since it's forbidden to talk about it (and even think about it, but i have to admit to it crossing my mind at times), it helps me get rid of it and add more possitivity to my life.

So i'm working towards accepting myself, even my stranger sides. Such as my succubus tendencies. Now i know that a lot of people think it's a bit crazy or silly to identify with something that isn't "real," but it's so real to me that it doesn't matter if others think it's crazy. i get a lot of energy from sex and, with the exception of Master, i've been able to completely outlast all my previous partners. Obviously i don't have the horns, tail or wings, but the inclination and tendencies are there. And i'm learning to accept this about myself, because Master already accepts it as truth.

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