Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tonight, Master told me that he would like it if i called him "Master" more often in vanilla settings. He said it would please him greatly, though i have to admit to having some embarrassment regarding it. It's not that i am embarrassed to call him Master, but rather endure the looks people might give me. But, in a way, that's all part of my training, especially in regards to not being so self-conscious.

One of my old friends from high school asked me about "Master" after my status update mentioned him. It was a bit awkward to think of a response, since this was never a part of my life in high school. Part of me wonders why i even bothered to try and explain, since she doesn't really know me anymore. But the other part of me feels that i have to defend my choice in my life.

So i suppose that Master asking me to submit further in public is good training for me. i'm trying to adjust to it. i just worry that friends that have always known Master as "Rei" or "Zero" will now look at me strangely for calling him Master suddenly. But it's Master's desire, so i will follow what he's asked and, eventually, it will be like second nature and i will no longer be so self-conscious about it.

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