Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today was just one of those days that seemed to be nothing but one endless pile of stress. Not only did i have not one but TWO appointments on my regular "off" day, i had to finish my "homework" from my current worker. It was rough. Because of my issues, she's afraid for me to be in another relationship, though she's never met Master, nor does she know the extent of our relationship. And i do appreciate her concern for me. However, i think it's a bit unfounded.

Master is actually the reason i continue going to these sessions. Instead of throwing my hands up and saying "it's too hard" or "i can't deal with all this," he encourages me to persevere and work through it, because he will always be there to support me through it all. He has the power to really make me feel i can do anything, as long as i set my mind to it.

Honestly, i hope that i can explain all this to her tomorrow. That he has more support for me and my healing than anyone else in my life. And, if i can explain this, i hope she listens and understands that my relationship with Master is nothing but a positive and healing one. i feel more like a real person and not just some half-person when i'm around Master. He builds up my confidence. Sure there are times he can accidentally trigger my PTSD, but he's always quick to notice what triggers it and never brings it up again. It's not a perfect relationship, but i don't think that exists.

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