Monday, March 2, 2009


One thing i've always loved was being in front of a camera. i may not be the prettiest girl, but having photos taken of me make me feel attractive. So one of my dreams has always been to be a model, though with my body type, i'm definitely not typical model stock. It wasn't until years and years later i learned about BBW and how that i could fit in with that niche. And it makes me happy, because it's something that i would love to do.

And, lucky for me, Master is an excellent photographer. He has already stated many times he'd like to photograph me as well as possibly open his own studio for it. And that both excites and interests me. He's also stated he would like to teach me to take pictures well, too. And part of the reason i submit to Master is because he is a wonderful teacher to me.

Honestly, though, it's really something that's calming to me as i go through all this therapy as of late. Just knowing that, some day, i'll be able to do something i would really love, even if only at an amateur level. It's the first long-term goal i've allowed myself to have in a long time and it's a really great thing.

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