Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day One

Day one of grabbing life by the balls wasn't as much of a success as i would have hoped. But i did take some steps. i've been referring to Master in more public places. And i've been venturing out in more public forums, which is something i usually wouldn't do.

But now i find myself separating from those that i've known for a while. i guess it's a case of growing apart. As i change and realize more of myself and my submission, i just don't mesh well with them anymore. i'm not sure if they necessarily approve of my lifestyle choices. While they won't think badly because of me for it, i just think they'd be happier if it wasn't a male i was submitting to, if that makes any sense.

Maybe tomorrow, i'll try posting again with the other subs that i met a while back. It'd be nice to "hang out" with people who understand this part of my lifestyle.

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