Saturday, March 21, 2009


i've been angrier than usual lately. It's to do with hormones, really. It's that time of the month (which Master and i unhappily discovered last night before a play session. It doesn't stop us, but it sure makes us have to change plans), so i tend to get a bit grumpier than usual. And that's saying something coming from someone with anger issues to begin with.

i don't usually like to display my anger, but Master has asked me to make sure to always tell him what i'm feeling. Communication is a huge thing between us and he wants to make sure i'm not the one stopping that, because there are times that i clam up. So i make an effort to let Master know when i'm angry and upset.

It's certainly not the easiest thing. Particularly when he asks something of me and i just don't want to do it. i often find myself having a hard time reminding myself that, as Master's pet, it's expected of me to obey. And, honestly, i love being Master's pet and following his orders. It's just when i'm cranky, it's hard to remember that.

But Master is so understanding. He at least understands, even if he still expects me to follow through with his tasks. i just, i dunno. i hate letting him down and i feel as if i do everytime i get PMS-y.

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