Friday, March 27, 2009

Fighting ignorance, one person at a time

i had a really interesting discussion with someone outside of the lifestyle. He really didn't understand the concept of TPE and just what a sub or slave gets out of submitting to a Dom or Master. So while another girl berated him for not understanding, i took the time to patiently explain what it is that we do.

It was really good, actually. While he didn't necessarily agree with everything or even come to a complete understanding, he understood enough of it to say that he wasn't ignorant about the subject anymore. Which is good. i think the best way to fight ignorance is to have the patience to explain it to one person at a time. It might not be the fastest method, but it's certainly the best that i've come across.

Maybe if more people were educated about this lifestyle, there wouldn't be so many people determined to hide it from society. And i, for one, am tired about hiding what i am from people. Which is why i'm becoming more open with my friends about my submission to Master. And it's been really freeing.

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