Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A bit of an aside

Today was my daughter's fourth birthday. The day started out pretty hectic. Between my therapy appointment, having to change my cellphone number due to harassing calls and then my phone not working after i changed the number, i wasn't sure if the little one was going to truly enjoy her birthday!

That all changed after we got home and she helped bake the cake. Domestic chores always cheer up my mood, personally, and i know that my daughter loves doing things in the kitchen (she actually received a wooden kitchen playset as her birthday gift this year), so we had a good moment of bonding.

Once it had cooled, she helped me frost it and decorate it. It all turned out so wonderful and happy and it really was a nice ending to a hectic day. She's trying tonight to without a diaper at nighttime because she thinks she's grown up now. Here's hoping i don't have to do laundry in the morning!

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