Saturday, March 28, 2009


Master and i got some real relaxation time in tonight. After a day of me being anxious over various things, it was nice to just sit at his feet and watch a few episodes of Supernatural. Of course, it left off on the hugest cliffhanger ever, but Master said that was enough for the night.

It's strange, thinking upon that. When i was with my ex-husband, i would have been pissed if he told me i couldn't watch more of something i had on DVD and didn't have to actually wait to watch it. But when Master tells me it's enough, and even though i'm dying to see more, i have no problems obeying what he tells me.

i guess it's just a testament to how much this lifestyle is changing me. And it's changing me in ways that i'm really, really happy with. i never expected to really be this changed from the whole experience. It's a real honor to submit to Master.


James the Greatest said...

I don't really know anything about your ex, but do you think you can submit well (and enjoy it!) to Rei because he treats you well?

James the Greatest said...

((this is @jtggodqos, btw. ^_^'))

Lilikka said...

That could be it <3