Monday, March 30, 2009


Master and i had an amazing conversation tonight. It just goes to show me just how well the two of us mesh. He never laughs or teases me about the things i think that others would. i'm almost even afraid to ever write them out anywhere, for fear of being mocked. Even in a place where it's my own voice, such as this blog.

Maybe some day i'll be strong enough to just not care what the world at large thinks. i'm slowly getting there as it is about some of the more mundane stuff. But my personal, deep-seated beliefs are probably the stuff of most people's fantasy. They just happen to be very real for me.


James the Greatest said...

I understand very well have beliefs and such that most would consider factitious, extravagant, or just out-right crazy. yet it's Real for you, it's the Truth. it's undeniable, because all previous experience that you can recall proves and supports it. and even when you try to believe something else, of even pretend to -- you feel like not only are you betraying yourself, but you're betraying Truth.

...sorry. I've got my own things in mind, I suppose, that I hadn't really vented about yet.


Lilikka said...

Thank you for that. It really, really helps put things in perspective and helps make it clear how i should proceed forward in the future.